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The Christmas Torches of Abbadia San Salvatore

On the evening of December 24th the ancient tradition of wood stacks revives

In the charming village of Abbadia San Salvatore, one of the most beautiful Christmas traditions in Tuscany is repeated every year : that of torches . On Christmas Eve the city is filled with the singing of the shepherdesses and the warmth of the fire which takes locals and tourists on a fantastic journey back in time. It is a thousand-year-old tradition that has its roots in the Night of Times, before the year 1000, when in fact, the inhabitants of the villages near the abbey and those of the villages along the Via Francigena came here for midnight mass. Fires were lit to light the road and keep the population warm. Even today, gigantic stacks of wood rise in front of the ancient abbey and in other parts of the historic center waiting for midnight. The entire country pours into the city streets to celebrate Christmas. The festivities begin around 6pm with the lighting of the pyre under the porticoes of the Municipality. Later, around 9pm, the blessing of the choirs takes place as they sing and play through the streets of the city districts, stopping in front of each torch. The celebrations end with the opening of the cellars after mass. An unmissable opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful villages in Tuscany, a small jewel hidden in the heart of Mount Amiata.

Information Where Abbadia San Salvatore When Sunday 24 December 2023

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