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The village in the Tuscan countryside, famous for the delicious white truffle: San Miniato

The village of San Miniato is perched on a hill, a very short distance from the Arno and halfway between Florence and Pisa which have disputed it for centuries. The origins of the centre, famous for the delicious white truffle typical of its territory, date back to the Etruscan-Roman era. Over the centuries, numerous important figures such as Frederick Barbarossa and Pope Gregory V stayed in the castle.

In the Middle Ages, the village, known as San Miniato al Tedesco, experienced a period of strong popularity : Otto I of Saxony, in 962, made it one of the centers of the imperial administration, while Frederick II of Swabia in 1218 made it a center of collection of taxes for central Italy.

San Miniato is also one of the stops marked by Sigerico on his return journey to Canterbury, thus becoming one of the historic stations of the Via Francigena .

On the top of the hill on which the village sits, the Rocca di Federico II stands out, completing the defensive complex of the castle: here the Emperor built the tower of San Miniato between 1217 and 1221, which has become the symbol of the town.

Also noteworthy among the various religious architectures that characterize the town is the Church of Santo Stefano and San Michele.

At the foot of the Rocca di San Miniato, you can visit a real artisans' district . This is the case of ceramic cities such as Montopoliand Calcinaia , of woven baskets in Buti and of the Leather District : the area of ​​Santa Croce and its surroundings that stands out for leather processing.

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In the autumn period, the undisputed protagonist of the San Miniato table is the white truffle which, unlike other truffles, is appreciated not only raw, but also on hot dishes, such as tagliatelle, scallops, eggs or risotto. In addition to the excellent wines and the highly fragrant extra virgin olive oils , numerous types of cured meats such as manne are also made on site : this is a product that has its origins in the Middle Ages and has always been consumed by the peasant families of San Miniato. Finally, it is recommended to taste the pork cheek foam , a sort of soft, pink-coloured pâté, unique in its kind, which is spread on croutons as an appetizer.

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